19 comments on “Windows 8 apps won’t start. How to fix it.

  1. Nadeem Abdulla on said:

    I also got this problem after joining my Windows 8 PC to domain. Removed from domain and the apps started working. I have try joining to the domain again and see if it works.

  2. Nathan on said:

    Your registry editor info is incorrect. It is missing one line at the top:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

  3. steve spencer on said:

    Registry edit file doesn’t work

  4. Escalus on said:

    I also encountered this issue and turning off the antivirus (avast) solved the problem.

  5. Kaspersky 2013 was the problem with mine. I tried everything I could find on the net to fix it. I finally uninstalled Kaspersky and the apps worked fine. I reinstalled Kaspersky 2013 and the apps are fine now.

  6. The anti-virus solution worked for me too. I was using Macafee. I uninstalled it and all my apps worked again.

  7. You need to move the app files (“app.html”) out of the untrusted to trusted group in the security settings.

    In kaspersky, this is under settings > application control > applications. The app files probably have a red icon next to them; turn em green and it works!

  8. Uninstalling Avast antivirus worked for me to. All my apps are working as they should.

  9. I have the same problem as many others when connecting to a domain. I’ve attempted to set up 4 machines and Windows 8 apps work on only two of them. One of the two that are working had no trouble – ever. The other one did not work so I re-installed the operating system and all was OK. I have scoured the web for many solutions (including the ones on this blog) but still cannot get the two machines to work.

  10. Catophagi on said:

    I had the same problem with my new machine and none of the fixes seemed to work so i tried a clean boot (disabled all services when booting up) this seemed to get the store to load again (but no internet connection since all services were disabled). i went through adding services until i found the culprit. for me the problem was the “windows font cache service” i have now disabled it and the tiles work fine.

    im no expert so i dont know what windows uses this service for but it doesnt seem to stop anything working.

    to disable the service:
    Press windows key+r
    type msconfig
    click on services
    uncheck “windows font cache service”

  11. Kalpesh Bohra on said:

    Thanks Jesse. I encountered this with Windows8.1. The problem was the live account. All of this helped. Thank you again.

  12. Karen Hoppe on said:

    After all the research that I have done looking for a solution my windows 8 store showed updates, and when I would open the store, it would just spin in a revolving loop. And eventually I would get “We weren’t able to connect to the store. This might have happened because of a server problem or the network connection timed out.” So I went in and found a site that said open up your command prompt and I copied and pasted a script and it still didn’t work, till I figured out how to refresh it. Once I refreshed my computer, I had to go in and remove the MacAffe that came with the computer, and everything worked fine. I now can access my windows 8 applications. I understand windows 8 is the new way of windows, but not for a laptop that isn’t touch screen.

  13. Installed Win 8.1 and game app for Solitaire (3 of them) won’t open. It starts up and then closes. Please someone, anyone, can can you help?
    Thank you

  14. My apps won’t open at all. Trying to open anything besides store and desktop is useless. I press them and a blank screen appears before sending me back to the homepage. I haven’t done any software changes recently, so I am not sure what it could be. I also can’t find any sites to help me or sites that match my problems. PLZ HELP!

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